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Address: Belgrade, Knićaninova 5

PIB: 107914400

MB: 63082058




Delivery and payment

You can pay for your online order using your VISA, MasterCard or Maestro payment card. You need to choose the payment method Visa, Master or Maestro. Payment is not possible in foreign currency.

The customer who uses the online card payment service through our website is obliged to fulfill the following conditions:

We offer worldwide 7 days standard shipping through DHL
We do not ship to PO Boxes.
You will receive a shipping confirmation email with delivery details once your order has been delivered to the courier.
Our courier delivers from Monday to Friday during business hours. Kindly note that delivery to rural addresses can result in longer delivery times. MO premiere cannot be held responsible for delays in shipments caused by any circumstances beyond the control of MO premiere.

Statement of Conversion

All payments will be made in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia – dinar (RSD). For informative display of prices in other currencies, the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia is used. The amount for which your payment card will be charged will be expressed in your local currency through conversion to the same at the exchange rate used by the card organizations, which cannot be known to us at the time of the transaction. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price listed on our website. Thank you for your understanding.


Delivery is 25 and is carried out by courier service DHL within 5 to 7 working days.



Complaints and return of goods

In the case of returning goods and refunding funds to a customer who previously paid with one of the payment cards, partially or in full, and regardless of the reason for the return, MILICA OPACIC PR FASHION&WEDDING ATELIER is obliged to make the refund exclusively via VISA, MasterCard and Maestro methods payments, which means that the institution will refund the funds to the card user’s account at the seller’s request.
The complaint resolution procedure is carried out based on the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection (“Official Gazette of the RS” No. 62/2014) as well as the provisions of the Law on Trade (“Official Gazette of the RS” No. 53/10, 10/2013).

You have the right to exchange defective products if it is clearly visible on the product that the error was not caused by improper use, but that there was an error in production, packaging or transport. The deadline for responding to a complaint is 8 days from the receipt of the complaint. The deadline for resolution is 15 days from the receipt of the complaint.

In that case, the return of the goods is done at our expense, and the application is made in three simple steps:
1. Send your request to our operator at the address:
Be sure to provide the following information:
-Name and surname
-e-mail address
– the number of the invoice or cash receipt that you received with the goods
– a message in which you will describe the reason for the complaint
2. Adequately pack items intended for return to prevent damage during transport.
3. After the damaged goods arrive at our premises and we check the validity of the claim, the correct item will be delivered to your address.
If the item is no longer available, a refund will be made. The replacement of the damaged item is at the expense of the seller and is carried out via the appropriate courier service.
You can leave the goods in person at the MILICA OPACIC PR FASHION&WEDDING ATELIER KNICANINOVA number 5, Belgrade.


Privacy protection

On behalf of MILICA OPACIC PR FASHION & WEDDING ATELIER, we undertake to protect the privacy of all our customers. We collect only necessary, basic data about customers/users and data necessary for business operations and informing users in accordance with good business practices and with the aim of providing quality service. We give customers choices including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be removed from mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All user/customer data is strictly stored and is available only to employees who need this data to perform their work. All employees of MILICA OPACIC PR FASHION & WEDDING ATELIER (and business partners) are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

In the event of a change in any personal data (e.g. place of residence, delivery address) recorded during registration, the Customer is obliged to inform MILICA OPACIC PR FASHION&WEDDING ATELIER about the change. In the event of a change of which it has not been informed, MILICA OPACIC PR FASHION&WEDDING ATELIER is not responsible for any defects regarding the order or product delivery.


Protection of confidential transaction data

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and the PKI system, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology.

Data security during purchases is guaranteed by the payment card processor, so the entire payment process is carried out on the Institution’s website. Payment card information is not available to our system at any moment.


Rights and obligations of consumers

Notice on consumer rights and needs
The seller is obliged to inform the consumer (buyer) about the basic characteristics of the goods (products) he is buying, about the price, method of payment, method and term of delivery and the method of performance of other contractual obligations, about the existence and conditions of after-sales services and guarantees, about the existence of the seller’s legal responsibility due to the non-conformity of the goods with the contract, on the way of declaring a complaint, and especially on the place of receipt and the manner of handling them, as well as the conditions related to the exercise of consumer rights based on conformity. If the delivered goods do not conform to the contract, the Consumer, after notifying the Seller of the non-conformity, has the right to request the Seller to remove the non-conformities by replacement, i.e. to demand a corresponding reduction in price or to terminate the contract with respect to those goods. If the elimination of non-compliance is not possible, the Consumer has the right to demand a corresponding price reduction or termination of the contract if.
The consumer can declare a complaint in order to exercise his rights due to the non-conformity of the goods with the contract and rights based on the warranty, as well as due to the incorrectly calculated price and other defects, in the manner described in the notice on the method and place of receiving the complaint. The seller is obliged to respond to the consumer’s complaint in writing or electronically without delay, and no later than within eight days from the day of receipt of the complaint. The Seller’s response to the complaint must contain a decision whether to accept the complaint, a statement on the consumer’s request and a specific proposal and deadline for resolving the complaint. The deadline cannot be longer than 30 days, from the day the complaint is submitted.
The seller is obliged to act in accordance with the decision, proposal and deadline for resolving the complaint, if he received the consumer’s prior consent. With that, the consumer will give his consent as soon as possible from the moment of receiving the Seller’s response to the complaint, so that the Seller can resolve the complaint within the aforementioned legal deadline. Untimely giving of the consumer’s consent will be considered one of the objective reasons why the Seller is unable to satisfy the consumer’s request within the legal term.
If, for objective reasons, the seller is unable to satisfy the consumer’s request within the agreed deadline, he is obliged to inform the consumer about the extension of the deadline for resolving the complaint and specify the deadline in which he will resolve it, as well as to obtain his consent, which the consumer will give in as soon as possible. Extension of the deadline for resolving complaints is possible only once.
Conformity is given exclusively to the correctness of the goods and not to its functionality because it is assumed that the Consumer is familiar with the technical characteristics of the product, so conformity refers to the fact that the selected product will satisfy the consumer’s requirements within the declared technical capabilities prescribed by the manufacturer. The consumer is expected not to expose the purchased product to harmful effects (tobacco smoke, extremely dusty rooms, extremely cold or extremely hot rooms, etc.). All possible irregularities caused by such treatment of goods will be eliminated exclusively at the expense of the consumer.
The right to conformity cannot be exercised if the damage or malfunction of the goods occurred as a result of transport after delivery, as a result of force majeure (flood, earthquake, fire, etc.), as a result of improper use, as a result of non-compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations on the use of the product, as a result of any mechanical damage to the product caused by the fault of the consumer or a third party for which the Seller is not responsible, if the product is returned without a fiscal receipt or other proof that it was purchased from the Seller. When taking over the purchased product, the consumer is obliged to establish that the product is complete and physically undamaged. Subsequent complaints regarding completeness and physical integrity will not be accepted.
All additional information can be obtained by the consumer every working day by sending a message to the e-mail: